Hydroponics Gardening

Have you ever dreamed of having a year-round, low-maintenance garden that you do not need to spend too much time on? Well, dream no more, because with hydroponics gardening, it is very much possible to have a blooming garden and have flourishing life outside it too!

One of the biggest challenges every gardener must face is never having sufficient time to take care of their garden. A garden being a living thing, there are always weeds to pluck out, garden pests to get rid of, and other steps to ensure your plants’ healthy survival. And then there’s the matter of watering the plants, which takes even more time on an almost daily basis.

So, if you badly want a garden, but are not very keen on investing too much time on it, hydroponics gardening is your best option. Hydroponics gardening has many time-saving advantages over conventional gardening practices. Because of this, it has become increasingly popular among gardening aficionados.

In hydroponics gardening, plants are reared in nutrient solutions instead of in the earth. In other words, it is gardening without the use of soil. In this new method, plants are cultivated in water in which necessary nutrients have been dissolved. It seems complicated at first, but it is, in fact, even simpler than conventional gardening.

Like conventional gardening, hydroponics gardening still requires water, light, nutrients and humidity, but with the right hydroponics gardening equipment, it can be done indoors. Plants prosper in the water and nutrient solution because the roots still absorb the nutrients, even without soil.

For hydroponics gardening, you will need, of course, an area or room for your garden. You will also need the following basic equipment: a hydroponics system; lighting system; growing medium, like rockwool and perlite, to support the roots; thermometer; pH control kit; nutrients (in concentrated liquid, pre-mixed, or powder form); extension sockets; timer and timer control.

The equipment can be costly at first, but once you’ve set your hydroponics garden up, you can start reaping the many benefits of using this method:

o You don’t have to do any weeding. Since plants are grown in nutrient solutions, you don’t have to worry about weeds. This saves you plenty of time–and a lot of backaches.

o You will have fewer problems with pests and diseases. Growing plants hydroponically, you have fewer pests to deal with. hydroponics wholesaler

o You don’t have to water your plants. Hydroponic gardens have an unlimited supply of water, and a system in place to gauge the amount.

o You don’t have to dig your garden anymore. In conventional gardening, prepping the soil involves loosening the soil to get oxygen in for plants to absorb. This is a time-consuming task you won’t have to do for your hydroponic garden because the roots get their oxygen from the nutrient solution. The most common equipment for this purpose is the aquarium bubbler, which helps put oxygen back into the solution.

o You won’t need too much water. You only need enough to deliver the nutrients.

o You won’t need too much space. You can grow plants very near each other, so you maximize space. With little parcels of land, you can get high yields.

o You can cultivate plants all throughout the year because you have more control over the environment.

o You don’t have to worry about diseases carried by the soil.

o You can produce plants of superior quality because you can manage the surroundings well.


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